Switch plate covers don't have to be boring. See what this one looks like now

I've always loved water colors, but they can only be used on paper... right? That might be true of traditional water color paints, but alcohol inks are a miraculous invention that can be used to achieve the same look on a wide variety of other surfaces!
Get ready to bring some color into your home, because even people who don't think of themselves as artistic can get great results with alcohol ink. It's that easy to use!
1. Color block coasters (h/t A Kailo Chic Life)
These galaxy color block coasters are simply out of this world! You can experiment with all your favorite colors, and don't hesitate to make round or square coasters if they suit your style better.
2. Watercolor ornaments (h/t By Stephanie Lynn)
It's almost time for Christmas, so why not make a few of these stunning watercolor ornaments to hang on your tree? They're almost too pretty to put away once Christmas is over, so you might want to start thinking of a way you can display them year-round as well.
3. Colorful domino pendants (h/t Sarah Jane's Craft Blog)
Would you have ever guessed that there's a domino hiding under these beautiful paint patterns? This is the perfect way to make use of that incomplete domino set you have hiding at the back of your closet!
4. Alcohol ink mug (h/t Babble)
This is such a clever way to transform a cheap dollar store mug into a gorgeous piece of artwork! If you love how it looks, don't stop with your mugs. This technique can be used for bowls, cups, vases, wine glasses... you get the idea!
5. DIY acrylic tray (h/t Dream A Little Bigger)
A simple tray can come in handy for so many things, especially when it doubles as a piece of artwork like this one does! If you prefer a more muted look, this project would look just as nice done in pastel colors.
6. Stained glass candle holder (h/t Lulabelle Handicrafts)
Stained glass is so pretty, especially when the light shines through it like it does in this awesome candle holder. This would make a great Christmas gift for anyone on your list who appreciates unique home decor!
7. Fired alcohol ink wall art (h/t It's Always Autumn)
These might look like water color paintings, but they're really made with glass, alcohol ink, and fire! That's right — you literally get to set the ink on fire and watch it burn across the glass to create these gorgeous patterns.
8. Dyed candles (h/t Poppytalk)
Simple, sweet, and colorful... what more could you ask for? These dyed candles are so easy to make, and you can use cheap candles from the dollar store! How about making some red and green ones to celebrate the holidays?
9. Colorful switch plates (h/t Fiber Artsy)
A pop of color on the wall is never a bad idea, especially when it's as easy as this! Giving your switch plates this colorful makeover will definitely ensure that you have the prettiest and most unique light switches on the block.

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