Grab a knife and chop up some crayons so you can copy these magnificent DIY ideas

Getting a box of beautiful new crayons was always one of my favorite parts of going back to school as a kid, but it's been a long time since I've felt the urge to color with crayons! Unless you have kids, you probably haven't held a crayon in years.
However, there's no reason kids should get to have all the fun! Crayons can be used to make plenty of adult-oriented DIYs, and most of them don't even require brand-new crayons!
1. Color block candles (h/t Brit + Co.)
I'm not surprised that the color block trend is showing up in candles, but I'm definitely a bit surprised that these were made with crayons! My head is spinning with all the different color possibilities.
2. Rainbow crayons (h/t The Imagination Tree)
These rainbow crayons are the perfect way to give your drawings a unique touch! These were made with silicon ice cube trays, so you're not limited to making triangles. Hearts and stars would be great as well, but I've seen ice cube trays shaped like everything from kangaroos to puzzle pieces!
3. Colorful picture frame (h/t Mom It Forward)
This colorful photo frame would make such a great gift for a teacher or anyone who loves colorful art. The text in the middle is a print-out, but this idea has inspired me to make a little crayon frame chalkboard!
4. Melted crayon ornaments (h/t The Swell Designer)
Christmas is just around the corner, and you can never have too many pretty ornaments. These look like so much fun to make — you put crayon pieces inside the ornaments and twirl them around while melting the crayons with a hair dryer!
5. Suncatchers (h/t The Suburban Mom)
These beautiful sun catchers remind me of stained glass, but they're so much easier to make! They'd make a cute Valentine's Day decoration, but you could leave them hanging up year-round.
6. Tinted lip gloss (h/t Best Friends For Frosting)
If you're addicted to buying new colors of lip gloss or lip stick, this idea is going to save you so much money! There are two different recipes here, but you can also experiment with the ingredients and come up with your own.
7. Pen and pencil holder (h/t Teaching Fashionista)
This is a great project to make if you love the look of brand-new crayons fresh out of the box. This doesn't have to be just for pens and pencils — it would make a cute art supply caddy or flower vase!
8. Colorful Valentine's (h/t Chef Messy)
These are so much better than store-bought Valentine's, and they'd be a blast to make with your kids! If you made the crayons in a different shape, you could adapt the idea to serve as a party favor or a thank you note.
9. Melted crayon art (h/t My Hubby Has Too Many Hobbies)
This melted crayon art wouldn't look out of place in an upscale art gallery — I would have never guessed it's made out of old crayons! The color selection is entirely up to you, so you could make one that fits the decor of your home perfectly.

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