Save your cardboard so that you can make these 9+ dirt cheap DIYs

When it comes to affordable craft supplies, you can't go much cheaper than cardboard. Most people have some lying around already, and they can always cut up shipping boxes, cereal boxes or cardboard inserts that arrive in the mail. It's a fun way to repurpose the material, and it's planet-friendly. A multitude of exciting and engaging crafts begin with simple cardboard.
It's no wonder that this trend is taking over the DIY world. Check out the following projects to see what you can do with cardboard:
1. Letter garland (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
Decorate for a party or special occasion with a DIY banner. All you need is cardboard and some embellishments to create a cute garland that livens up any party space.
2. Decoupaged tray (h/t Karen Kavett)
Make a beautiful tray for jewelry or accessory storage and display with cardboard. Use decoupage techniques to enhance the look of the trays; nobody will ever know what's underneath!
3. Mounted deer head
If you are looking for an affordable statement wall decor piece, but don't want to break the bank, the following project idea is for you!
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4. Christmas stars (h/t Pepper & Buttons)
You can upcycle a cereal box into adorable holiday stars that make great Christmas decorations. This simple project enhances holiday decor.
5. Storage boxes (h/t Domestically Creative)
Keep cardboard boxes intact and put them to work as upscale storage bins in your home. Disguise the cardboard using Contact paper to create cute boxes that are functional.
6. iPad case
Why pay a lot for an iPad case when you can use cardboard and scrap fabric to make your own? This simple and fun DIY project keeps your tablet protected. Get the full tutorial here.
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7. Dollhouse (h/t Deko)
Make cardboard pieces into a cute house for your child's dolls. Use markers and crayons to decorate the house.
8. DIY planter (h/t The Cardboard Collective)
Use cardboard boxes to create recyclable planters. What an environmentally friendly way to grow greenery!
9. Cardboard Skee-Ball (h/t My Beau Baby)
Got kids (or adults) who love playing Skee-Ball at the arcade? Bring the fun to your house by crafting a cool Skee-Ball game from cardboard and household materials.
10. Pompom keychain (h/t Postris)
Use cardboard as a stencil to make a cute and trendy pompom keychain and avoid spending too much on a boutique keyring. These make great gifts or stocking stuffers.
11. Cardboard shoe organizer
A couple of 12-inch cardboard squares lay the groundwork for a shoe organizer you can hang from the back of a closet door or in an entryway. The cardboard provides the structure, and decorative paper and burlap edging add rustic flair. Get the full tutorial here.
12. Cardboard picture frames
These fun cardboard photo frames are simple to create, and you can make them in whatever size and color you like. Create a few in matching paper or pick complementary patterns and colors.
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13. Create a themed party sign
Planning a themed party is not a walk in the park. The following idea is for a carnival themed party. Instead of creating multiple signs all over the venue to direct guests to food, why not create one large carnival-themed sign out of cardboard that resembles a circus tent?
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