Stuff some split peas in the toe of a sock and copy this adorable DIY

You know when you put a pair of socks into the dryer and one of them somehow disappears? It's one of the most annoying things about doing laundry... but it doesn't have to be!
In fact, mismatched socks can actually be a blessing in disguise, because they can be used to make so many cool DIYs. Who knows, you might even find yourself losing your socks on purpose!
1. Coffee mug cozy (h/t Mommypotamus)
Sweater weather is here, and your coffee mug deserves to be cozy this winter too. Not only will this coffee mug cozy keep your drink warm for longer, but it'll make holding your cup of coffee or tea an extra-special experience!
2. No-sew scented sachets (h/t An Exercise In Frugality)
Who doesn't like it when their clothes smell like fresh laundry? These little scented sachets are filled with laundry scent booster, but you could also use dried lavender, pot pourri, or anything else you like the smell of.
3. Green-haired sock pets (h/t Community Playthings)
This would be such a fun project to do with kids! It'll take a couple weeks for the grass "hair" to sprout, but watering this little guy would definitely be more fun than watering an ordinary house plant.
4. Sock bean bags (h/t A Little Tipsy)
There's no reason to buy bean bags at the store when you could make your own using old socks and dry beans from the bulk bin! These would also make great little heating pads — just pop them in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds and you'll be good to go.
5. Fingerless gloves (h/t We Lived Happily Ever After)
Fingerless gloves are the best of both worlds... cozy, warm hands and fingers that are still free to use your phone or dig through your purse! These require a bit of sewing, but they're easy enough for a beginner to make.
6. Door draft stoppers (h/t Garden Therapy)
These DIY door stoppers are perfect for keeping the cold, drafty air from sneaking in under your door! They'll also help keep your heating bill down over the winter, so they're well worth the effort they take to make.
7. Mug cozy
Tepid tea or coffee is a real downer. Keep morning coffee and relaxing evening tea warm with the help of a mug cozy crafted from an unmatched sock. The thicker the material, the more insulating it will be, so try to use a wool or heavy-knit sock. Get the full tutorial here.
8. Adorable snowman (h/t East Coast Mommy)
This little spare sock snowman is here just in time for the holidays. This is a great project for kids and adults alike, and you probably already have most of the supplies you need lying around the house!

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