Trace around your hand on a sheet of paper to make this ultra-cool gift idea

Everybody knows that homemade gifts have the most thought put into them, but it can be hard to know exactly what to make for the people on your gift list.
However, there's no need to worry — these ideas will have you covered! You might want to set aside a few days to work on this, because I bet you won't be able to pick just one of these awesome projects.
1. Tropical ring dishes (h/t Lia Griffith)
These tiny tropical dishes don't have to be reserved for rings — they'd be perfect for holding any kind of trinket! If the tropical leaves don't suit your tastes, you could easily decorate the dishes with whatever pattern and colors tickle your fancy.
2. Marble dipped mugs (h/t The Sweetest Occasion)
Would you ever have guessed that these mugs were decorated with cheap nail polish? This would be a great technique to use on bowls or porcelain vases as well!
3. Personalized quote tote bag (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
If you know your friend's favorite quote, why not surprise them by printing it on a personalized tote bag? This is such a great idea, and it would be great for everything from grocery shopping to a day at the beach!
4. DIY bath bombs (h/t Inspired By Charm)
There's nothing better than relaxing in a hot bath over the holidays, so give your loved ones the gift of a special, spa-worthy bath! You could combine these bath bombs with a bottle of wine and a few candles for a truly indulgent gift basket.
5. Patterned notebooks (h/t Oh So Beautiful Paper)
Everyone needs a pretty patterned notebook in their life, even if it's only to jot down to-do lists! You could easily make one of these for everyone on your gift list in an afternoon, and you should be able to find paper to suit every style imaginable.
6. Knit potholders (h/t Homey Oh My)
If you're dying to knit some Christmas presents but don't have enough time to make blankets, these potholders are the perfect solution! The leather handles are a nice touch, but the potholders would still look great if you left them off.
7. Button bracelet
The bracelets can be designed with a whimsical or ultra-sophisticated eye. For a more casual piece, string together an eclectic mixture of buttons in different colors, styles, and shapes. If you hope to wear your bracelet with your little black dress, consider one type of button in dramatic red, with a lacquer sheen. You can’t go wrong either way. While you’re at it, make a few extra. There’s no question these will come in handy for giving as birthday and holiday gifts! Get the full tutorial here.
8. Pulled fringe napkins (h/t Purl Soho)
A beautiful set of napkins will always be appreciated around the holidays, especially if they're handmade! You don't have to worry about making these look perfect, so it's an easy project to tackle no matter what your skill level.
9. Chalkboard coasters (h/t A Few Shortcuts)
These simple black coasters would fit in with almost any style of decor, and your friends will love that they can write on them! Make this present extra-special by including a little note on each coaster when you gift them.
10. Sweater mittens (h/t Feathering My Nest)
I can't get over how cozy these sweater mittens are, especially because there's no knitting involved! Head to the thrift store and pick up some old sweaters — you should be able to get a couple pairs of mittens out of each sweater.

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