Whip out that hot glue gun. Here are 6+ projects going viral

A hot glue gun is a must-have in any crafter's house. Below are just a few sample projects that use this handy tool. By the time you see these projects, you'll want to invest in a good hot glue gun right away.
Clothespin scarf holder
Keep scarves on display with this clothespin scarf holder. The simple design is clean and modern. You can customize yours to fit however many scarves you wish to display. Check out how this works in the video below.
Personalized letters
This is a really great idea for monogramming children's bedroom doors or a fun decoration for a family room.
Glass vase
Don't throw out empty mason or pickle jars. With the help of a glue gun, you can upcycle them to something much prettier.
Utensils organizer
It's easy to keep utensils in place with this DIY project.
Pantry canisters
Don't toss out old mason or pickle jars. Instead, turn the empty jars into a gorgeous pantry item. This video shows you how.
Galvanized tubs
This easy DIY project makes cheap dollar store tubs look way more expensive, thanks to some spray paint.
Rustic cone wreath
Thanks to a handy glue gun, DIY wreaths become a cinch to make. Forget spending tons of money at the store. The finished look adds rustic charm to any home.
Pour bleach into Coke. Prepare for the surprising result
See what happens when you combine bleach with Coke.
Wine bottle planter
The following DIY project makes a statement. Living plants really add an element of freshness and color. Plus, they are easy to maintain (for those who lack a green thumb).
Lady dips a doily into cement
This DIY project is seriously awesome. Check out the video below to see what happens when the doily dries.
Transfer a family photo onto wood
Forget spending money to print family photos. Instead, transfer the photo onto a more lasting background. The video following shows how.
Lady grabs two plant wire baskets and adds lights.
You'll be in love with this easy craft that creates a garden chandelier. Watch the video tutorial to see how it's done.
Man folds a $20 bill and shows the camera something you've never seen
The video below shows an amusing optical illusion.

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