Hula hoops aren't just for exercise. Take a look at these 9 amazing DIY ideas

Hula hoops are fun for kids, but at this point, we've outgrown them. That being said, there's no reason to toss the hoops you've already're sitting on a crafting gold mine! Grab those hoops and turn them into something really cool and unexpected.
1. Wreath (h/t Afloral)
Welcome spring with an over the top, oversized floral wreath made with a hula hoop base! This beautiful wreath looks great inside or out.
2. Rope chandelier (h/t Blesser House)
Make a much more affordable version of this cute Restoration Hardware chandelier with a hula hoop and some rope.
3. Woven rug (h/t Flax and Twine)
Create a colorful rug by hand using finger-weaving techniques. This looks fun sitting on a table or a floor, or you can hang it on the wall.
4. Wall decor (h/t Drawn to DIY)
Put together some chic, modern wall decor using a hula hoop and ribbon. It may not cost much to make, but the results look sophisticated and elegant.
5. Photo frame (h/t Tarz Meselesi)
Display your favorite pictures in the most fun and interesting way of all time; by using a hula hoop as a frame!
6. Chandeliers (h/t Momtastic)
Make a fun party decoration or cute way to liven up a kid's bedroom with a hula hoop 'chandelier' using streamers. It's easy and fun to make!
7. Gold sculpture (h/t House on the Way)
Who knew a few hula hoops could be turned into a modern art sculpture? That's all it takes to make this super cool craft that's sure to be a conversation starter.
8. Spider web (h/t Over the Big Moon)
Great for Halloween decorating, a hula hoop is the perfect size to create an oversized spider web.
9. Canopy (h/t Frugal Ain't Cheap)
Make a beautiful canopy that kids will love playing it, or will look pretty hanging over a bed.

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