Forget dusting. Use your feather duster to create something gorgeous for your home instead

There's nothing like a pretty piece of wall art to brighten up an otherwise boring space, but finding a piece of art you love can be difficult... not to mention expensive!
However, you don't have to spend months saving your pennies so that you can afford a piece of art you love! These ideas are easy, inexpensive, and totally gorgeous.
1. Tissue paper bubbles (h/t Mr. Handsomeface)
This tissue paper bubble canvas is so fun! It's almost impossible to mess this up, so you should feel free to play around with different colors of tissue paper and different sizes of bubble.
2. Colorful string art (h/t Honey & Fitz)
This is such a smart way to use embroidery thread! You don't necessarily have to make yours a word — why not make it in the shape of your favorite animal?
3. Song lyric wall art (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
You barely need any artistic skill at all to make this cute song lyric wall art. Simply put some letter stickers on a cheap thrift store painting, paint the whole thing with a coat of white paint, and peel the letters off!
4. Newspaper wall art
This homemade piece of newspaper wall art will garner attention and compliments. It’s graphic, bold and contemporary, yet simple to make. You can customize the piece by selecting either new, crisp white newspaper with contrasting black print, or an old sample that has yellowed a bit for an antique effect. Get the full tutorial here.
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5. Framed glitter (h/t Mr. Kate)
If you love all things glittery and sparkly, this is perfect for you. It's super easy to make — you might want to make a whole bunch and turn one of your walls into a display!
6. Deconstructed canvas map (h/t Little Birdie Secrets)
This is perfect for anyone who loves to travel — I even think it would make a great Christmas gift for your favorite traveler! You should be able to find an old map at the thrift store for a good price.
7. Wooden shim art piece (h/t By Stephanie Lynn)
I think I would always feel like I was in a spa if I had this beautiful wooden shim wall art in my home! It's wonderfully rustic, and you could customize it to fit your space perfectly.
8. Feather duster wall art (h/t By Brittany Goldwyn)
I can hardly believe that this gorgeous piece of wall art was made with a feather duster! You probably won't be using your duster to dust after you use it for this project, but I'd say it's definitely worth it.

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