Keep your Christmas lights up year-round when you copy these stunning DIY ideas

Twinkle lights are a favorite fixture around the holidays. In fact, the lights are so pretty that you may never want to put them away after Christmas is over.
If that's the case, these projects are for you. Don't save twinkle lights just for Christmas. Instead, use them to decorate every room of your home.
1. Light-up photo wall (h/t Tator Tots & Jello)
This DIY project is really easy to make, and the results are amazing. If you don't already have a Polaroid camera, this is a reason to ask for one for Christmas. It's a beautiful and different way to display photos. The lights below uses fairy lights, but regular Christmas lights will work just as well!
2. Tomato cage Christmas tree
This super easy project can immediately light up a room! Decorate and add flair with your favorite ornaments or Christmas cards. Get the full tutorial here.
3. Seashell garland
This seashell garland is so pretty! Together, they form an elegant flower.
This would be a whimsical way to decorate for a wedding or a baby shower. Get the full tutorial here.
4. Light up Christmas marquee (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
This sparkly Christmas marquee is definitely an attention-grabber. It would light up the night for a New Year's Eve party, but there's no reason you couldn't leave it up all year. Wood planks in the back help hide any loose wires, so the final look is polished and clean.
5. Hanging fairy light globe
This is one of the easiest patio light ideas around. It's made from wire hanging baskets, so it would be an effective way to upcycle any wire baskets you aren't using anymore.
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6. Christmas light photo frame
Wrapping Christmas lights around a frame is such a fun idea. Put your favorite photos and holiday cards on display! The best part is that this project can last all year round, not just during the holidays. It is easy to customize with favorite colors or those that match the room's decor. Get the full tutorial here.
7. Light-up headboard (h/t Nastazsa)
Sleeping under this twinkle light headboard would make anyone feel like a princess. If you already have a headboard, you can simply move this pretty addition to a different wall in the bedroom.
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