Popsicle stick crafts aren't just for kids. Try these 8+ DIY ideas

Remember the year your kid came home from summer camp with a bird cage made entirely from popsicle sticks? It's no wonder that these cheap and easy crafting items don't do much to spark your imagination. But did you know there are plenty of grown-up ways to use popsicle sticks in your DIY projects? Put a new spin on the craft stick with these clever crafts.
Make stylish bracelets to match your popsicle stick earrings. Nobody will guess you crafted such cute accessories from craft sticks.
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Glitter earrings
You'll never be able to tell these shiny earrings are made from popsicle sticks. Customize them any color you like to make them your own.
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Use popsicle sticks to create a cute garland you can hang across the mantle. Choose an inspiring message to keep you motivated for this charming, rustic piece.
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Pallet coasters
These shabby chic coasters look boutique-worthy, but you can make them for pennies. Use popsicle sticks to re-create the look of pallets.
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Make holiday snowflakes you can use for a myriad of crafts, from wreaths to gift tags to ornaments.
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