7+ Dollar store Christmas DIYs that trump high-end decor

The dollar store may not be the first spot that comes to mind when you're shopping for cute craft supplies for your holiday creations. However, you can discover the many ways to repurpose, reuse and redo dollar store finds into more upscale, eye-catching and simply chic DIYs.
1. Ornament wreath (h/t Eddie Ross)
Grab a package of shiny ornaments and some wire hangers, and voila! You've got a wreath that looks high-end. Add a bow and hang.
2. Cute candle holders (h/t Passionate Penny Pincher)
With some plain candle holders and embellishments, along with inexpensive candy, you can create a colorful and cute candy-themed centerpiece.
3. Fancy custom plates (h/t Pitter & Glink)
Serve your guests Christmas or New Year's dinner with flair when you create your own custom metallic plates using inexpensive dollar store china.
4. Tea light snowmen (h/t One Little Project)
Grab a pack of plain LED tea lights and turn them into the most adorable snowman ornaments ever. These are also fun to hang on presents.
5. Mason jar snow globe (h/t Fox Hollow Cottage)
Turn a plain mason jar into something special by creating a fun snow globe that makes a pretty centerpiece or mantel display.
6. Snowman spoons (h/t Eyeballs By Day Crafts By Night)
Craft these whimsical wooden snowman spoons from plain, everyday, cheap spoons. They're useful for many things, including centerpieces, arrangements or gifts.
7. Snow village (h/t Confessions of a Plate Addict)
Turn an average Christmas village into a swoon-worthy winter wonderland with this simple and fun DIY. This sparkling, snowy village makes a worthy centerpiece for your holiday table.
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