Paint some drinking straws to copy this gorgeous home decor idea (+7 projects)

Straws are fun to drink through, no matter what your age, but they're also a fantastic craft supply! They're inexpensive, easy to find, and totally versatile... what more could you ask for?
They can be used to create so many cool things — would you have ever guessed that you could use drinking straws to make a hanging planter or a starburst frame? Keep reading for more great ideas!
1. Gold star ornament (h/t Etsy)
This is the perfect way to add a bit of personal flair to your Christmas tree this holiday season! However, I also think this would be a cool decoration no matter what the time of year — just set it on your shelf or fireplace mantle!
2. Colorful vase (h/t Amy Krist)
Decorating a vase with straws is such a clever idea! This pink spring-inspired is so pretty and feminine, but you could easily make a red and green version for Christmas or a simple gold version to use year-round!
3. Sunburst frame (h/t How Does She)
Sunburst frames are so popular right now, but why would you want to spend a ton of money on one from the store when you could make your own from plastic drinking straws and spray paint?
4. Paper straw garland (h/t Tell Love and Party)
This paper straw garland is so festive! The one pictured here was made for Halloween, but the great thing about this project is that you could change the colors to match any season or special event.
5. Woven headband from straws
Although weaving may seem tedious, it is actually an incredibly relaxing activity. With this DIY project you get to relax and end up with a cute hair accessory. If the stripes are too bold for your taste, switch out the multicolored yarn for a solid colored yarn. Get the full tutorial here.
6. Striped photo frame (h/t Making Lemonade)
This striped photo frame is a the perfect way to show off photos of your loved ones! Pick up a cheap wooden frame and a pack of drinking straws, and you have everything you need.
7. DIY geometric shapes (h/t By The Stand)
These DIY geometric shapes are so trendy! They'd make great decor pieces on their own, but I also love the idea of putting them over a candle or an air plant for some extra visual appeal.

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