Felt's not just for kids. Here are 10 grown-up crafts you can make with felt

When many of us think of felt, we think of kids playing with felt shapes or 'sewing' with felt squares. However, this soft fabric comes in an assortment of colors, and can easily be cut or made into different shapes and designs to provide you with a versatile crafting material.
Just take a look at these ideas and then tell me that you don't want to run to the craft store to grab some felt.
1. Eyeglasses case
For many people, eyewear is an essential part of taking on the world with clarity. While these visual aids are vital to a blur-free day, eyeglasses generally come with quite a heavy price tag too. Instead of adding to the overall price point with an expensive case or carrier, consider crafting a simple and stylish eyeglass case from felt right at home. Get the full tutorial here.
2. Gingerbread ornaments (h/t A Homemade Living)
There's nothing like crafting for Christmas, and these cute gingerbread men made from soft felt are sure to be a hit. They look great on gift tags or on the tree.
3. Felt liner
Felt is an easy to work with fabric that is not only budget-friendly, but comes in a variety of stunning hues. The soft texture of felt makes it the ideal material when some basic sewing techniques will really bring a DIY project together. The fun colors and soft surface of felt make it a great fabric to incorporate as a lining material. Get the full tutorial here.
4. Hair bow (h/t Craftiness Is Not Optional)
Create a cute, simple bow for a little girl using felt of any color. Easy to make with few supplies, you can also use the bows for other crafts.
5. Pillow (h/t Domestic Charm)
Just by touching felt, it's easy to imagine the fuzzy fabric would make a cozy and snuggly pillow!
6. Owl ear bud case (h/t The Empress of Dirt)
Keep your ear buds from getting tangled and make it easy to find them in your bag with this adorable owl ear bud case made from felt.
7. Coffee sleeve (h/t For the Makers)
Forego paper coffee sleeves when you craft a chic sleeve from felt. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it's stylish, too.
8. Crown (h/t Hellobee)
A great idea for party favors or just for playing dress-up with your daughter, felt crowns are easy to make and fun to play with. You can also embellish them by gluing on sequins, ribbons, or rhinestones.
9. Boxes (h/t How About Orange)
Stiffened felt boxes make super cute gift boxes, or you can use them on your dresser or desk for snappy, colorful storage.
10. Flower wreath (h/t Michelle's Party Plan-It)
Make a lush, beautiful flower wreath that you'll never believe is made from felt! Pretty, shabby chic, and great for a wooden door, this wreath is an eye-catching decoration.

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