Soak an empty wine bottle in ice water to recreate this magical DIY

If you're a wine lover, you probably know how annoying it can be to recycle wine bottles on a constant basis. Here's the solution: stop getting rid of them, and use them to make some cool things for your home!
Empty wine bottles can be used as water jugs or simple vases on their own. There's nothing wrong with these ideas, but why not up the ante by making one of these awesome projects instead?
1. Etched soap dispenser (h/t Living Well Spending Less)
It's hard to believe that this etched soap dispenser is a DIY project! It looks professionally done, but the secret to making it is glass etching cream — it's actually incredibly easy to use.
2. Table lamp (h/t Lana Red Studio)
Don't you just love this wine bottle table lamp? It's a great way to upcycle an old lamp shade! If you want a more modern look, you could paint the lamp cord for a pop of color.
3. Salvaged wood wine bottle vase trio (h/t Saved By Love Creations)
This salvaged wood wine bottle vase trio is perfect if you like to display just a few flowers at once! If you can find a nice piece of old wood, this project will cost next to nothing to make.
4. Wine bottle tumblers (h/t Brit + Co.)
Drinking out of the wine bottle is an actual possibility if you make these cute wine bottle tumblers! This project isn't for the faint of heart, but the results are definitely worth the effort.
5. Decorative ribbon-wrapped bottles (h/t The Real Thing With The Coake Family)
These ribbon-wrapped bottles are a total breeze to make, and I love how versatile they are! You can use any color of ribbon you like, and you customize the word to suit any holiday or special occasion.
6. Self-watering planters (h/t Design Sponge)
These self-watering planters are a great gift for anyone who has a hard time remembering to water their plants! This might just be one of the coolest windowsill herb gardens I've ever seen.
7. Flattened wine bottle charcuterie board (h/t eHow)
This flattened wine bottle is way easier than you'd think, as long as you have the right equipment! You'll definitely want to keep it on display in your kitchen; it could easily double as a piece of wall art.
8. Candle holder (h/t Madame Criativa)
How pretty is this polka dot candle holder? Your dinner guests will all be wondering how on earth you managed to fit a candle inside a wine bottle!