Pick up an old sweater & copy these DIY ideas

Thrift stores usually have racks and racks of old sweaters, and although most of them can be pretty hard to pull off as-is, they have so much DIY potential!
I'm not just talking about stuffed animals — sweaters can be turned into everything from cozy bangles to useful tote bags! If you're getting tired of the cold winter weather, these awesome projects are just the thing to warm you up.
1. Cozy slippers (h/t eHow)
These cozy slippers are basically a hug for your feet! You should be able to get a few pairs of slippers out of a sweater, so you might as well make a couple extra pairs and give them to your friends.
2. Upcycled sweater bangle (h/t A Bit Of Sunshine)
These upcycled sweater bangles are the perfect statement accessory for winter! Not only do they look great, but they'll also keep your wrists nice and cozy no matter how cold it gets outside.
3. Comfy throw pillows (h/t Brassy Apple)
I can't think of anything better to do in the winter than curl up on the couch with these cozy throw pillows! This project is fairly easy even if you only have basic sewing skills.
4. Braided sweater scarves (h/t Larissa Another Day)
You can never have too many scarves! I would have never guessed that this one was made from an old sweater; it looks like it came from the store.
5. Sweater throw blanket (h/t Seamstress Erin)
Once you make some cozy sweater pillows, why not make your couch even comfier with this awesome throw blanket? You'll need at least four sweaters to make it, but that means you can have fun picking different colors and textures!
6. Sweater bag (h/t Seams And Scissors)
You might have seen tote bags made from old t-shirts, but did you know you can do the same thing with an old sweater? This would make such an amazing winter tote bag!
7. Upcycled scarflette (h/t I Am Momma Hear Me Roar)
If you know how to sew but not how to knit, this project is perfect for you. This cute scarflette looks like it was knit by hand, but it's actually made out of an old sweater!
8. Sweater with a twist (h/t Tiffany Michey)
This is such a smart way to turn an unflattering old sweater into a piece that you're proud to have in your closet! If you get the measurements right, you might even be able to turn this sweater around and wear it in reverse.
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