8+ brilliant camera tips everyone with a Samsung Galaxy S6 should use

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great smartphone with many state-of-the-art features. One attribute that makes this phone stand out from the rest is its diversely functioning camera.
If you haven't replaced your current camera with the one included on your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, I have to ask what's stopping you. In the early cell phone years, many of the cameras were archaic and took few, if any, quality photographs. One of the many awesome perks of the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone camera is that the quality of its photographs can compete and surpass some of the professional cameras used today.
1. Camera shortcut
This handy little feature on the Samsung Galaxy S6 lets you take pictures when you need to do so quickly. Just double press the phone's home button and the camera will come on immediately. A bonus is that this feature works even if the phone is locked. Just remember that the camera will be in the mode last used.
2. Use the viewfinder grid lines
These lines will help you focus on your subject if you are taking a picture that has a lot going on. The grid lines will also help get the right horizon line for sunrise and sunset pictures without looking awkward or crooked. Go to camera settings to turn on the grid lines.
3. Try out pro mode
Auto mode works well for camera beginners, but if you want to challenge yourself or already know a thing or two about photography, play around with the camera in pro mode. Just like with a regular camera, in pro mode you can change many of the settings such as focal depth, white balance, ISO and exposure. Click on the mode button and explore the many features you can change in pro mode.
4. Manual focus
The manual focus is helpful when you want to focus on one part of a picture such as a person or other subject matter. You will get a professional-looking photograph by creating a sharp subject with a slightly blurry background. Click on the selective focus option and see which type of focus will work best.
5. Correct white balance
Correct white balance is an advanced technique but shouldn't take too long to master in the pro mode. Some pictures taken may look too bright or too dark after they are taken. To correct this, after taking a picture, click on edit, photo editor, tone, then temperature. Adjust the lighting on the picture until it matches what you saw. A second way to correct white balance is by adjusting it via pro mode. You will have to do this before taking a picture, but this will produce accurately colored photos after some practice.
6. Multiple shots
If you like taking pictures of movement, such as at a sporting event, use the burst shot feature. Press and hold down the shutter button to get several shots in a row.
7. Wide selfie mode
Taking a regular selfie can be challenging enough, but the wide selfie mode feature lets you fit more in the frame. This mode works similar to the panorama option, where you need to move the phone to the left and right to get everything you want in the picture. Once in selfie mode, click on mode again to get the wide selfie option.
8. Voice-activated shutter
Many features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be voice activated, including the camera. You might be in a pose where it would be easier to use the voice activation system instead of holding down the shutter button. Go to camera settings to turn on voice control to use this feature.
9. Download camera modes
Other camera modes can be downloaded from the Samsung store. Some options include rear-cam selfie, surround shot, animated GIF and sports. Experiment with these modes to get one-of-a-kind pictures. Click on the mode button, then download button to get started.
These tips should get you started in taking more professional and creative photos with your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.
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