8 things you can do with an old door that will totally transform your house

Anyone who gets rid of their old doors must be crazy! Sure, they might let in drafts and they might not look as good as they used to, but old doors can be used to make a ton of cool things.
In fact, they can be turned into everything from sofas to hall trees to coffee tables — if you play your cards right, you might never need to buy new furniture again!
1. Repurposed door TV console (h/t Saved By Love Creations)
Considering how nice this repurposed door TV console looks, it's surprisingly easy to make! This one was actually made out of a door left by a dumpster — so keep your eye out the next time you're driving around town!
2. A-"door"-able bench (h/t Beyond The Picket Fence)
If you can overlook the bad pun, you'll be able to see how awesome this bench is! It would be a great thing to have by the entryway — you could put some baskets underneath for extra storage.
3. Upcycled door headboard (h/t Infarrantly Creative)
A nice headboard can seem like a pipe dream when you're on a tight budget, but making your own out of an old door costs next to nothing! Of course, you'll probably need to clean the door before you put it by your bed... but once you've done that, you'll be good to go!
4. Sofa made from old doors (h/t Design Sponge)
This sofa made out of old doors is so gorgeous! This isn't a good project for beginners — it took about 30 hours to make — but the results are totally worth learning how to woodwork.
5. Vintage door arbor (h/t Noble Vintage)
If you don't have space inside your home for a new piece of furniture, you can use old doors to make something beautiful for your garden instead! This vintage door arbor would upgrade any yard instantly.
6. Multi-paned photo frame (h/t Photog Mommie)
This multi-paned photo frame is the perfect way to reuse an old door with glass panels! If you already have enough photos on display, you could try replacing the glass with mirrors instead.
7. Hall tree (h/t Refresh Restyle)
How clever is this hall tree? It has everything you'd need in your entryway — a chalk board, coat racks, a display shelf, a drawer, and even extra storage at the bottom!
8. Salvaged door coffee table (h/t This Sorta Old Life)
This salvaged door coffee table is amazing! You'll need a door with five panels — three for the top and two for the sides. I love how much storage it has inside!
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