6 techniques you should be using to reduce camera shaking

A shaky camera is an annoyance every photographer has to deal with from time to time. There are several tricks to use to lessen this. Here are 6 techniques you should be using to reduce camera shaking.
Having a tripod handy is great for reducing camera shake, but what if you don't have one? Using your body and holding the camera in certain ways will help you avoid your camera shaking.
1. Tripod
Invest in a good tripod if you haven't already. A tripod can reduce a number of errors, one of those is reducing camera shaking. Make sure the tripod is set up on even ground. Have some weights handy to add to the tripod if you are taking pictures on a windy day.
2. Your body
You can position your body in different ways to keep your camera from producing shaky photos. Keeping your elbows in, raising your left shoulder, kneeling or laying down can all help lower the chances of your camera shaking.
3. Shutter speed
Using certain shutter speeds can increase camera shake. Try to use the fastest shutter speed you can for the type of photo you are taking. Of course, keep your tripod nearby if you need to use it too.
4. Breathing
How you breathe while taking a photo can also help with camera shake. Breathing between shots can reduce your camera from shaking. This may take a few tries and practice, but can be done.
5. Remote release
Remote release is a great option since you don't have to worry about pressing your finger to shoot, which can cause camera shake. You can use your camera's self-timer as a remote release option too.
6. Objects
If you don't feel comfortable using your body as an anchor and you are taking pictures near trees or walls you can use these as extra support. Keep in mind that your horizon line on your shot needs to stay straight.

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