Watch what happens when a hand is placed in this jar with a special baking soda mixture

In science, baking soda is a highly active ingredient. There are a lot of awesome experiments you can do at home, or in a lab, using baking soda. Baking soda is a base, and it is so wonderful and exciting to work with because it reacts to so many other chemicals, and it transforms into a gas quickly which causes other chemical reactions.
Science is always fun, but when you add baking soda to the mix something usually always happens. These are the top 6 science experiment with baking soda that you can try at home.
1. The classic volcano experiment
One of the best, and oldest, baking soda experiments is the erupting volcano. No matter how many times it has been done, it never gets old. Check out the video below, and see how they created their erupting volcano using baking soda.
2. The balloon experiment
As with the volcano, the balloon experiment highlights the reaction between baking soda and vinegar. This experiment, however, focuses on the gas element of the reaction. Take a look below at the Balloon Experiment using baking soda.
3. Hot ice experiment
This is a very dangerous experiment, and should only be done with adult supervision. This experiment will show viewers who to make hot ice using baking soda and other household items. It is very dangerous to make, but you will be very proud of what you have created when you are finished. Watch the video below and learn how to make hot ice.
4. The fake snow experiment
Not everyone lives where it snows, but that is ok. With this experiment, you can now learn how to make your own fake snow. It is super fun to do and super easy to create. Check out what this at-home-scientist does to make it snow to her home.
5. Jet boat experiment
Have you ever wanted to see your experiment in motion? If so, this is a great one for you. The Jet Boat Experiment shows how a chemical reaction can be so strong that it can power a boat like entity, at least for a short while. Get a friend and watch the video below and see if you can create your own jet-powered boat.
6. Exploding sandwich bag
Anything with the word “exploding” in it is probably fun and dangerous at the same time, so use caution. This experiment shows you what happens when the baking soda turned gas is encapsulated. Wear your protective gear, and give this experiment a try after you watch the video.
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