7 clever DIYs you can make using an old necktie

It's easy for your husband, father or even your sons to build up a massive tie collection. It's even easier to purge through those ties and get rid of outdated or outgrown accessories. There are much better things to do with old ties than simply tossing them to the curb.
Neckties come in many colors and patterns that make them stand out. Their cool designs mean they are fun craft supplies, and their durability ensures they'll stand the test of time. Turn those extra neckties into something you'll never believe with these easy DIY projects.
Scarf (h/t Craftstylish)
Put ties to good use and enjoy the silky aspect of the fabrics by crafting a beautiful, lightweight scarf that adds an accent to any outfit.
Skirt (h/t Rick Rack Ruby)
Have a handful of old ties? Transform them into a super-cute vintage-style skirt that will definitely garner lots of attention and compliments.
Wreath (h/t Good Housekeeping)
Festive, fun and simple to put together, a necktie wreath fits the bill any time of year. Use pastel neckties for a spring-themed wreath that looks almost like flower petals.
Upcycle old jeans into living room decor
This stunning pillow only looks like you bought it at a designer store. Check out the video below for a tutorial on how to make an upcycled denim pillow.
Photo album (h/t Better Homes & Gardens)
Perfect for your dad or grandfather's birthday as well as Father's Day, this inspired idea lets you customize a photo album with old ties. Fill it with some favorite photographs for a sentimental gift.
Bow tie (h/t By the Stand)
Make a tiny tie for a little guy from a larger necktie. This is a fun and cute way to recycle grandpa's old ties for a grandson.
Turn popsicle sticks into bracelets
Make stylish bracelets to match your popsicle stick earrings. Nobody will guess you crafted such cute accessories from craft sticks.
Don't toss out that pillowcase. Try this project instead.
The following project turns a simple pillowcase fabric into a lovely tote bag. Use this bag for groceries or a fun day out. Customize the look with fabric and finishing touches of your choice! Check out how it comes to life in the video below.

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