Fetch a wooden tv tray and sandpaper & reproduce this home decor

If you and your family or friends are looking for a fun, low-cost activity, movie night is a great option. Have everyone bring some snacks, and share in the entertainment. Using TV trays is a fantastic way to give everyone a surface to set their treats on and with a quick makeover, your plain wooden trays will have the vintage glamour of old Hollywood. Simply painting and monogramming your trays adds charming elegance to your movie theme.
Pick wooden trays that are structurally sound. Any surface blemishes can be sanded away and painted. Using a black and gold palette is a classically beautiful combination, but you can tailor your trays to match your home’s motif. By adding your monogram to the trays, you can create a useful set that you will use over and over again.
- Wooden TV tray
- Sandpaper
- 2 glass bowls
- DecoArt American Acrylic Paint, “Black”
- Large paintbrush
- Martha Stewart Crafts Home Decor Metallic Paint
- Design stencil, a sticker is best
- Large letter stencil
- Small paintbrush
- Painters tape
DIY Everywhere
1. Set up your wooden TV stand outside or in a well-ventilated area, and use sandpaper to smooth the surface of the tray and the legs.
2. Fill a small bowl with a workable amount of DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint in “Black.” Use a medium or large paintbrush to apply an even layer of black paint to completely cover the TV tray. Allow this to dry.
3. Once dry, fill another small bowl with your choice of metallic paint. We used a gold color from the Martha Stewart Crafts Home Decor Metallic Paint. Place a sticker stencil in the center of the tray. Use large letter stencils on either side of the sticker stencil, and apply an even layer of metallic paint to your initials and the sticker stencil. Allow to dry, then remove the sticker stencil.
4. Place painters tape a few inches up on each leg of the tray. Apply your metallic paint at the bottom of the legs. Allow to dry.
5. To add some wear, use sandpaper along the edges of the tray. Set up your new monogrammed food tray for your next movie night for an easy way to snack.
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