6 photography tips so you can master aperture

Aperture is a tricky part of photography that, once mastered, will greatly improve the quality of your photos. There are several ways to master aperture. Read on about 6 photography tips so you can master aperture.
Mastering aperture is important since aperture determines how much light is in your photos. Getting the aperture correct will help improve lighting and depth in your photos.
1. Wide aperture
Wide aperture means you have the aperture open as wide as it will go, letting in as much light as possible. Wide aperture is great to use with headshots or when you want to focus just on one subject, letting the rest of the shot go blurry. Having the aperture at f1.4 is a great start.
2. Small aperture
Small aperture is great when you want a deep depth of field, such as when shooting landscapes. A small aperture like f/16 will let in some light, but keep the entire picture sharp, which is great for landscapes.
3. ISO
ISO measures your camera's sensitivity to light. To get the best shot possible, use the lowest ISO available. Try to get as close to 400 as possible. You will want to play with the other settings, such as shutter speed and exposure for the best aperture.
4. Shutter speed
Shutter speed is how long it takes for light to get to the camera's sensor. You will want this to happen at certain speeds, based on what type of picture you are taking. Shutter speed can be set automatically or manually. The smaller shutter speed used, the sharper your image will be.
5. Tripod
Use a tripod if you decide to set the aperture manually. A tripod will help keep the camera steady while taking shots and will help you avoid blurry photographs.
6. Exposure triangle
The exposure of a shot is determined by the ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Combining all three can create a great shot when done correctly. Play around with all of these until you get your perfect shot.

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