6 tips to follow so that you can capture a gorgeous headshot everytime

Headshot photographs are very popular among photographers. With the right camera and practice, you can start your own side gig getting paid to take professional headshots. Read on to learn 6 tips to follow so that you can capture a gorgeous headshot everytime.
Class and professional photos can get expensive if you need to get them done on a regular basis. Why not take the time to make your own headshots or start a business on the side? Here are some great tips to capture beautiful headshots.
1. Camera type
Nowadays, you can get away with taking decent shots with a variety of cameras. If you want to specialize in headshots, invest in an SLR or another high performing camera. Make sure the camera is no less than 8 megapixels to get the best shots possible.
2. Focus on eyes
For headshots, keep the main focal point on the eyes. This will draw in the viewer, so make sure the focus is crisp and points the viewer toward the eyes of the person. This will make your photograph stand out and make a great impression on the person and viewer.
3. Diffused light
Since the focus of these photographs is the face, you want to downplay any blemishes on the person. Use diffused light to bring out the best in the person's skin. This will give you great compliments after the shoot.
4. Angles
Watch the angles you are taking of your subject. You may unintentionally distort a person's face since you are doing a close up of them. When photographing women, angle down to bring out their eyes and make their face appear dainty. For men headshots, shoot slightly up to make them look more prominent.
5. Lens
Using the right lens will also help you bring out the best features in a person without distorting their face. Use a lens that is 90mm or above to help slim down the person's face and flatten the picture, creating a great headshot.
6. Guided expressions
Some subjects may feel awkward with someone getting so close to them for the shot. Ask questions and tell jokes to get the person to soften up their look and bring out the most genuine smile in them. For a more serious look, ask your subject thoughtful questions. Overall, both photographer and model should have fun with this experience.

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