8 practical and pretty DIYs you can do with a plastic storage crate

Cheap, colorful and useful. Those are three words to describe plastic crates, and no doubt you have a stack of them just sitting around. Along with obvious uses such as seasonal clothing, toys or craft storage, there are many things you can do with plastic storage crates that elevate their purpose.
You may be able to turn a storage crate into a completely different and unique item. This versatile craft item comes in many sizes and colors, making it even easier to transform.
Stools (h/t Our Home Sweet Home)
Need some extra seating or a cute ottoman? Plastic crates can easily be turned into eye-catching small stools.
Fabric bin (h/t Sew Many Ways...)
Create a pretty fabric slipcover for a plastic crate and turn it into classy storage. These look so pretty you can use them in any room to provide affordable storage.
Garden chair (h/t DIY Enthusiasts)
Create a cute little garden chair from a plastic crate and enjoy sitting in the sunshine. Kids will love these little chairs, too, and you can use colorful cushions to customize them and add comfort.
Cat condo (h/t Curbly)
Create a custom cat condo with a couple of plastic crates and some fabric. Your cat will love having his own cozy nook to hang out in.
Modular shelves (h/t Behance)
Create cool floating modular shelves you can use to hold everything from books or DVDs to decorative knickknacks and children's toys.
Ribbon storage (h/t Crafty Storage)
Turn a plastic crate on its side and use it to store spools of ribbon, craft tape or other crafting necessities. Spray paint the crate to decorate it, and you'll find it an easy way to access supplies.
Tape two crates together and copy this woman's gorgeous decor idea
One nice thing about this project is that it is completely customizable. By mixing and matching both the color of paint on the crate and the fabric for the lid, you can create an ottoman that works for any room.
Turn cheap crates into a beautiful coffee table
This neat DIY project lets you display items inside as well as providing a large surface area for typical coffee table storage. Thanks to its wheels, you can easily move it around where it is needed.
Pegboard storage box
This project is brilliant if you don't have a lot of space. Follow along in the video below to learn how to make something to help organize your space.
Pantry canisters
Got some old pickle or mason jars? Upgrade them to chic pantry decor with the following project. This one will have guests thinking you spent a fortune at Pottery Barn.
Use this stunning DIY glass technique and save over $100 (from the Pottery Barn version)
Convert a simple glass bottle into a stunning vase, thanks to the technique seen in the video below.
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