7 pretty DIYs you can make to hold your earrings

Pretty earrings are one of my favorite things to DIY... but I never have enough space to display all of the ones I make as well as the ones I've bought!
Fortunately, there's a simple solution: make a DIY earring holder that's just as lovely as all my earrings. No matter what your style or how many pairs of earrings you have, one of these ideas will be perfect for you!
1. Wine cork earring holder (h/t Oh, The Things We'll Make)
Who doesn't love a good wine cork DIY project? If you have a lot of stud earrings, you could make this with multiple rows — the top ones for your studs and the bottom one for longer dangly earrings!
2. Colorful wooden earring board (h/t Club Crafted)
This colorblock wooden earring board is practically a piece of decor in and of itself! You'll need a power drill to make it, but it's an easy woodworking project no matter what your skill level.
3. Wooden jewelry box (h/t The Beauty Dojo)
This simple wooden jewelry box would be perfect for storing both rings and earrings! The crisscross pattern on the top is so cute, but you could decorate your own box however you like.
4. Easy picture frame earring holders (h/t A Joyful Riot)
If you want to really put your earrings on display, these picture frame earring holders are just perfect! You can paint them any color you like, so it's easy to make sure they match your decor.
5. Minimalist stud earring rack (h/t DIY in PDX)
This minimalist stud earring rack is simple but sweet! If you don't have space to hang it on your wall, you could also prop it up on your dresser or put it in a display stand.
6. Brass earring pyramid (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
This brass earring pyramid is so trendy, and you could make it in copper or silver as well! You won't be able to keep stud earrings on it, but it's so pretty that it doesn't really matter.
7. Ring and earring organizer (h/t IHeart Organizing)
This simple wooden box jewelry holder is an awesome way to keep your rings and earrings all in one place! It's covered with gift wrap, so the color and design options are almost endless.
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