8 ombre DIY ideas that you can make to bring a little color to your life

You're probably familiar with ombre hair, but you might not know that you can ombre almost anything else as well.... from furniture to home decor!
It's way easier than you might think, so pull out your crafting supplies — you're going to need them soon to make these awesome projects!
1. DIY ombre journals (h/t Damask Love)
Keeping a daily journal is so much easier when you have a pretty ombre journal to write in! These are so easy to make, and you can decorate them with any color combination you like!
2. Ombre watercolor box (h/t One O)
This ombre watercolor box would be the perfect place to store everything from craft supplies to jars pf flour and sugar in the kitchen! This would also be a fun technique to use on a wooden photo frame or wooden dish.
3. Ombre leather coasters (h/t Almost Makes Perfect)
If you can get your hands on some white leather, these ombre coasters are the perfect way to use it! I love the gold paint, but these would look just as good in any other color.
4. Ombre dresser (h/t Project Nursery)
An ombre makeover is the perfect way to spruce up an old dresser! The dresser shown here was meant for a nursery, but it could easily work in an adult room as well.
5. Ombre wood block candleholders (h/t Plaid)
Candles are one of the best ways to brighten up a room, especially when they're in a pretty candleholder like this. These would make a great gift, but you'll probably want to make a couple for yourself as well!
6. Glitter spray painted tumblers (h/t Rachel Teodoro)
Tumblers are useful all year round, so you might as well make sure yours have some personality! This glitter spray paint DIY is just perfect, and you can even add a decal if you want to personalize your tumbler even more.
7. Ombre wall art (h/t Two Delighted)
You don't have to be an incredible artist to make a pretty piece of ombre wall art! This is one of the easiest DIY wall art projects out there — the hardest part is choosing your paint colors.
8. Paper gradient wreath (h/t Elmer's Glue)
This paper gradient wreath is such a fun way to decorate your home! They're also quite inexpensive to make, so you could easily make a few for Easter or Valentine's Day without feeling bad about getting rid of them once the holiday is over.
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