6 easy steps to master off camera flash

One of the most important concepts of taking quality photographs is getting the lighting right. This takes practice and can be done in a variety of ways, one of which is using off camera flash. Below are 6 easy steps to master off camera flash.
Many photographers start off using the flash settings already one their camera, such as auto flash. This gives the camera more control over the lighting of the final photograph. Mastering off camera flash gives the photographer more control over how the final photograph comes out.
1. Flashgun
There are a variety of ways to get off camera flash, one of them being with a flashgun. If you don't have some already, invest in inexpensive wireless flash triggers. Put your triggers on your camera and flash and you will be ready to go.
2. Camera settings
You will want to set your camera up for ideal lighting to use along with the flashgun. For single subject shots, use ISO200, 1/200sec, f5/6. You can always play around with these settings once you take a few shots and like what you see.
3. Manual
To keep control of the lighting, you will need to set up the flash manually. Keep the flash a few away from your subject, set to half power. Take some shots and if you don't like what you see, change the flash's distance from your subject and its power until you get the right lighting.
4. Tripod
Keep a tripod in your camera bag, even if you don't end up using it, or only using it for part of your photoshoot. To avoid camera shake and to take a bunch of pictures at the same setting, use the tripod. You can get your camera and flash set up, then fire away.
5. Lighting
Once you are set up and take some shots, you might still want to adjust the lighting. If the shot is overexposed, lower the flash power or ISO. Increase the ISO or flash power if the photograph is underexposed. With more practice, you will know what adjustments need to be made to make the most of the lighting.
6. White balance
You also want to adjust the white balance on your camera to get the desired lighting right for your shot. If you are shooting using JPEG, set the white balance to "flash". If you are shooting in RAW format, you can make adjustments to white balance later.
With some practice, you will master off camera flash in no time.

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