7 clever crafts you can make with a broken wine glass

Most of us love a nice glass of wine every now and then, but it's never fun when one of your favorite wine glasses breaks!
However, it's time to stop thinking of it as a bad thing when your wine glasses break —, instead, look at it as an opportunity to make one of these awesome DIYs!
1. Mini bell jar (h/t By Wilma)
This mini bell jar is simply adorable! You could put almost anything under it — how about a pretty strand of twinkle lights or one of your favorite knick knacks?
2. DIY cupcake stand (h/t Look What I Made)
This DIY cupcake stand is the perfect thing to make when you just have the foot of your wine glass left! When you don't have any cupcakes to display, it would also make a cute candle holder.
3. Outdoor candle holder
If you manage to keep the top part of your wine glasses intact when you break them, these outdoor candle holders are the perfect way to upcycle them! I'd even be tempted to buy thrift store wine glasses specifically for this project. You can place these candle holders inside a planter or directly into the grass!
4. Teacup wine glasses (h/t Apartment Therapy)
I've never seen anything quite like these teacup wine glasses before, but they're so much fun! I'm not sure if I'd rather use them for tea or wine — they could even be used to serve cocktails.
5. Mini wineglass lamps (h/t Lana Red Studio)
The mini wineglass lamps below were actually made using intact wine glasses, but this would be a great way to use chipped or cracked glasses that are no longer suitable for drinking. The shades are made of wrapping paper, so the color and design possibilities are endless.
6. Colorful glass votives (h/t Instructables)
This project just goes to show that you don't need to throw your wine glasses out even if you drop them and shatter them beyond repair! Instead, gather up the broken glass, break it into tiny pieces, and make some pretty votives.
7. Coconut planters (h/t A Crafty Mix)
Can you believe that these planters were made using real coconuts? Whoever came up with the idea is so clever — these would look great either indoors or outdoors.