9 trendy DIYs you can make with industrial pipes

If you think that industrial pipe is only for plumbing, you're completely missing its potential! It can actually be used to make all sorts of beautiful industrial decor.
You could spend hundreds of dollars on industrial-style furnishings in trendy home stores, but why not just make your own? These DIYs are the perfect place to start!
1. DIY open pipe shelving (h/t Magnolia Market)
This open pipe shelving will take at least half a day to assemble, but it's more than worth it! It would look great in any room of the home, and it adds plenty of farmhouse appeal.
2. Pipe light fixture (h/t The Gathered Home)
You might not have ever thought of making your own light fixture before, but why not give this one a try? It's surprisingly easy to DIY, and it makes such a statement!
3. DIY garment rack (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
If you have a small closet, a garment rack has the potential to completely change your life. This one is made from steel pipes, and it's easy to disassemble and reassemble when you need to!
4. Industrial pipe paper towel holder (h/t Simply Beautiful By Angela)
If you're not in the market for a major new piece of decor, this industrial pipe paper towel holder is an awesome project that won't take up too much space. You could also adapt the idea and make a pipe paper towel holder to attach to your cupboard!
5. Industrial towel rack (h/t The Pin Junkie)
Why not update your bathroom with this awesome industrial towel rack? Of course, you could just as easily make a regular length towel rack, but you might find that an extra-long one is just what you've been wanting!
6. Copper pipe tablet holder (h/t A Bubbly Life)
If you don't have a tablet holder, you need to make this one ASAP! Not only is it cute, but it's also perfect for when you're cooking in the kitchen and need to be able to read your recipe.
7. Industrial side table (h/t The Golden Sycamore)
This industrial side table isn't a good project for a DIY beginner to tackle, but doesn't it look amazing? Tables like these can easily cost more than $600 in the store!
8. Copper pipe tiki torches (h/t Instructables)
These copper pipe tiki torches are perfect for summer garden parties! Of course, you can use any other metal as well — I think these would look equally great in a simple black.
9. Industrial farmhouse pipe coat hooks (h/t Funky Junk Interiors)
This farmhouse coat rack would look so good in almost any entryway. It could also go in the bathroom, the kitchen, or the bedroom... I love how versatile it is!
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