7 photography mistakes that you may be making and you don't even know it

You may enjoy taking pictures and even like the way most of them are coming out. Or you enjoy taking pictures, even though something is missing or you are leaving a key part out of your shots. Read on about 7 photography mistakes that you may be making and you don't even know it.
Most mistakes made by photographers are ones made from lack of experience. With practice and being aware of what you are doing, these mistakes can be corrected, with you taking even better pictures in the future. Keep these common photography mistakes in mind while you are taking shots.
1. Cropping
How you crop your image can make it look good or bad. The best way to crop your picture is when you are taking it, which takes practice. Take several shots, cropping the pictures as you take them. Or wait until post-processing and make a few options until you find one you like.
2. Colors don't look real
There is nothing wrong with loving a colorful picture, but shots don't look good when they look unrealistic. Just because your shot looks fine on your camera screen doesn't mean it looks great to others. This can be corrected with a color calibrated monitor. It's best to shoot in the morning or afternoon when subjects look soft and are their natural color. You can also correct the color post-processing the image.
3. Bad composition
You want some rhyme or reason to your shot. You don't want to just take a picture and hope it turns out right. Plan your scene out. Frame your shot as best as you can with borders from the scene. This can be from walls, building, sidewalks, trees or other objects in your view. Find your subject and take shots from varying points of view.
4. Blurry photos
Make sure you are focused on the right object or person, or your shot will come out with the wrong part in focus. This is very important when taking headshots. Keep the focus on the eye, and the rest of the shot should come out fine. Practice this until you recognize blur versus clear and sharp pictures
5. Too much post-processing
There is nothing wrong with trying to enhance an image with software, but too much post-processing will make the image look bad and unrealistic. A little tweaking here and there is best. With practice, you will know not to make the image look too sharp, smooth or saturated.
6. Noise
You want to use a higher shutter speed when taking shots in low light, but you don't want to use too high an ISO or you will see noise. Varying levels of noise come from different types of camera, so its best to know how your camera handles this. Use a tripod until you can master how much ISO to have before too much noise appears in your shots.
7. Bad horizon line
Keep the horizon line straight or your shot will come out looking funny and amateur-looking. Many tripods have levelers on them so that you can easily find and straighten the horizon line. You can also fix this with software after your shooting day.

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