7 rustic and gorgeous DIYs you can make with old ladders

Ladders are useful items, but did you ever think of them as decorative? There's just something about a ladder that says 'shabby chic' and adds a rustic touch to any home. Charming and country, a farmhouse ladder is just what you need to perk up your place.
Use a traditional wooden ladder for a number of DIYs and you'll be surprised how the ladder becomes the focal point of any room. Also, they can be quite handy too!
1. Canopy (h/t Chipping with Charm)
Create an adorable canopy that's unlike anything you've seen using a wooden ladder. This canopy enhances your bedroom and draws the eye upward.
2. Bathroom storage (h/t Our Hopeful Home)
Skip the shelves and get creative with bathroom storage by adding a ladder you can use as decorative shelving.
3. Ladder decor
Pieces of a real ladder are a bit too big to use effectively as home decor, but hobby and craft stores carry smaller versions of decorative ladders that are the perfect size to hang on interior walls. If you can't find a decorative ladder that satisfies your size requirements, it's easy to make one. Get the full tutorial here.
4. Clothes rack (h/t One Creative Mommy)
Use this cute and clever clothes rack in your laundry room to hang wet clothes, or put it in your bedroom for extra clothing storage.
5. Photo display (h/t Creative Ambitions)
Make your own ladder for an even more rustic look, and add photos for a unique and interesting display that will get guests talking.
6. Jewelry hanger (h/t Create and Babble)
A vintage ladder looks pretty in your bathroom, and makes the perfect spot to hold your necklaces. It makes it easy to see all of your jewelry, and keeps your necklaces from getting tangled while making a stylish statement.
7. Board game storage (h/t Hometalk)
The perfect way to store and organize board games, this painted ladder is not only a pretty addition to your game or living room, but it's fully functional!