Collect some twigs from outside and make these 8 pretty DIYs

Twigs might not be the most obvious supply for DIY projects, but with enough imagination, you can turn them into all sorts of beautiful creations.
There's good reason to try some of the projects in this article — twigs are easy to find, and they're completely free. How about making a trellis for your garden or a brand new piece of decor for inside your home?
1. Easy twig ball
This is the best kind of project — it's super easy to make, and the result is amazing. All you need to craft it are twigs and hot glue, but consider dipping the twig ends in paint for an even prettier effect.
2. Twig star ornaments
Forget about buying ornaments from the store — these look so much more natural. Plus, you can craft this item with the entire family, kids included.
3. Framed twig art
If you have an attractive picture frame that you don't use, why not turn it into a creative piece of twig art like this one? This would look splendid hanging on the wall in the living room.
4. Twig trellis
If you're feeling extra ambitious this weekend, try making a gorgeous twig trellis like this one. It requires much less precision and accuracy than other types of woodworking, making it ideal for beginners.
5. Twig coasters
No one likes rings on the coffee table, but luckily this can be avoided by simply using coasters. If coasters have to be out and visible on your table at all times, why not make them stylish? Get the full tutorial here.
6. Twig flower pots
This easy twig flower pot is a charming way to display bright spring flowers. It's also ecologically friendly since you're upcycling an old plastic container.
7. Giant bird nest
Here's a unique piece of outdoor decor -- a giant bird nest! It makes an unusual conversation piece when you host outdoor parties — your guests are sure to wonder whether or not it's a real nest.
8. Twig wreath
This stunning wreath is the perfect year-round decoration. You can easily customize it, depending on the holiday or season. How about adding a few sprigs of pine branch in the winter?