Grab some terracotta pots and copy these 8 fun DIY projects

Terra-cotta pots are not only sturdy and durable, but they're extremely useful. You can use them for the obvious of course, which is potting plants, but they also have a much wider variety of purposes, including decor. Because these pots are easy and fun to craft with, why not transform them into something really cool and fun?
The pots also come in various sizes, providing even more flexibility when it comes to crafting. Whether you're using them for seasonal crafts or everyday decorations, the possibilities are endless with a traditional terra-cotta pot.
Cupcake stand
Though this DIY project is for a Halloween-themed cupcake stand, you can paint it to complement any holiday. This is a really fun way to display cupcakes in the most festive way. Get the full tutorial here.
Stencil a pot
The project below by Love Our Real Life proves that adding a simple, stylish touch can completely change the vibe and appearance of a boring terracotta pot. Use chalk paint to achieve that white washed finish.
What a fun way to express your love of gardening and plants. This wreath, made with tiny clay pots, is charming and whimsical, and definitely a conversation starter. Get the tutorial here.
Votive candles
A little rustic but a lot pretty, terra-cotta pots make beautiful votive candles. They become a lovely table centerpiece for dining al fresco when the weather's nice or perfect for reception decor. Get the full tutorial here.
Floral centerpiece
Terra-cotta pots are beautiful, versatile items that can be turned into almost anything. Still, their best feature is the way they make a lovely home for a bouquet of fresh or silk flowers. Adding lace to the pots create a chic, feminine touch to any space. Get the full tutorial here.
Looking to upgrade your garden? The following project by Crafts by Courtney will leave neighbors looking twice at your garden. This outdoor DIY is super cute and easy to put together, adding colorful curbside appeal in the front or back yard of the house.
Wind chimes
Colorful wind chimes revitalize and refresh a garden space with their bold shades and soft sounds. They're easy and fun to make, too. Get the full tutorial here.
Looking for a place to sit while poring over seed catalogs and gardening books? This clever toadstool stool is simple to make and will brighten any space. Make one that resembles a toadstool, or customize it in any way you want. Simply choose a fabric and a paint color that suits your needs and decor. Get the full tutorial here.
Apple jar
A cute gift for teachers or an adorable storage solution for your kitchen, this apple jar is absolutely irresistible. Use mini pots to make small apples that are really eye-catching and useful. Get the full tutorial here.
Mosaic bird bath
Make a visually appealing bird bath for your garden using a clay pot and mosaic supplies. Create the design you like using any colors to complement your outdoor decor and bring the birds to visit. Get the full tutorial here.

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