6 cleaning tips that you should follow when cleaning your camera

Of course, you can't take a picture without your trusty camera or cameras. Taking care of your camera is an essential part of being able to take quality photographs. Here are 6 cleaning tips that you should follow when cleaning your camera.
There are several ways to clean your camera, based on what parts you are brushing up on. Today we will focus on DLSRs since those are pretty popular these days. Keep these tips in mind when cleaning your camera.
1. Supplies
You will need some specific supplies to clean your camera. These include non-abrasive, lint-free wipes, a lens cleaner, and rubber bulb blower. You can purchase these at a camera supply store or online.
2. Storage
A great way to keep your camera as clean as possible is to keep it in a bag when not in use. This will slow down the accumulation of dirt and dust on it. Also keep some cleaning supplies handy in the bag so you can do a quick clean up after a shoot.
3. Body
Dirt, dust, and other debris could get on your camera from being out and about. Wipe the camera body down with a cloth. You can also use an old toothbrush and alcohol to remove dirt and stains from the body of your camera.
4. Sensor
You only need to clean your sensor if you tend to change your lens regularly. Check inside your camera for dust and dirt. Then put your DSLR in cleaning mode. Use the blower to remove anything you see on the sensor. Turn your camera off and add a lens or lens cap when finished.
5. Lens
You lens is a place for tiny pieces of dirt and dust to make as a home. Use the rubber bulb blower to get as much debris off your lens as possible. You can also clean the lens by adding the cleaner to a wipe and wiping off the rest of the dirt from your lens.
6. Filters
Another alternative to cleaning your lens is keeping a filter on it. A UV filter keeps out harmful UV rays from shots. Having a filter on your lens when not in use will prevent dirt from getting in, as well as keeping it from getting scratched.
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