7 mind-blowing photography tips that the professionals won't tell you

There is an endless amount of photography tips, to the point that it can get overwhelming reading about them all. Its best to start with a few key tips and focus on those. Here are 7 mind-blowing photography tips that the professionals won't tell you.
Its best to start with the basics when beginning to take photographs. Just focus on a few tips until you get the hang of them, then move on to more tips. Start with the 7 photography tips below.
1. The camera
Get to know your camera. Is it ideal for landscapes or head shots? What range do you have with aperture, shutter speed, and ISO? Study your camera and take some test shots.
2. Other photographers
Look at other photographer's work. Is there a particular photographer whose work you enjoy looking at? Try to copy their methods and then develop your own over time.
3. Composition
Once you've played around with your camera for a bit, consider using composition to start coming up with your own style. The rule of thirds, background, lines, and balancing objects are just a few things to think about when developing your photos' composition.
4. Lighting
Lighting is very important in photography. Taking a shot that is too light or too dark can ruin your photo and make it look bad. Start by shooting in the morning or evening, when the light is softest. Get to know the exposure triangle so that you can learn how to change settings for the best lighting possible. You can also slowly purchase lighting supplies as you get more into photography.
5. Subject
Find a topic that you enjoy and stick with it. It could be landscapes, people, or a particular object or objects you enjoy shooting. Try to stick with one theme when starting out.
6. Software
Play around with your photos using software once finished with a photo shoot. Lightroom and Photoshop are a few programs that you should get familiar with. Practice shooting the best pictures possible, while making a few adjustments with software.
7. Practice
Above all else, practice these and other techniques you will learn along the way. Follow photographers and take note on what veteran photographers have done in the past. Take plenty of shots and the ones you get wrong, learn from them and continue on.

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