Everything you need to know about composition in 6 easy tips

There are many things to consider when setting up a shot for a great photograph. One thing to keep in mind is the composition of the shot. Here is everything you need to know about composition in 6 easy tips.
You want to plan out your shots before taking them. Besides getting your camera ready for your photo shoot, you want to think about how you are going to set up the actual scenes. Keep in mind these tips to get the best photo compositions possible.
1. Rule of thirds
The rule of thirds is a good place to start, since its a very common way to set up your scene. Most cameras can be set up where you see two vertical and two horizontal lines intersecting. To draw the viewer in, have the main object or subject at one of the intersecting lines. If you are taking a picture of a face, line up the eyes with one or two intersecting lines.
2. Background
The background is just as important as what is going on in the foreground. Saying that, if the background is super distracting, it can ruin the entire shot. Keep this in mind when creating your shot. You can also blur the background by adjusting your aperture to get a shallow depth of field.
3. Point of view
Changing where you take your picture can change the entire composition. Try getting on the ground for a shot, or closing in on your subject. You can also try the opposite and stand on a chair or ladder while shooting down at a scene for a different look.
4. Lines
Lines are a great way to add symmetry and draw the viewer into your picture. Angle your camera to get the best view of lines. Look for streets, building and even natural lines from trees and rivers to use in your composition.
5. Balance
Something else to consider when creating a composition is making sure the shot is balanced. Don't just place an object in your shot using the rule of thirds and click. What about the rest of the space? You might want to add another or several objects or subjects to balance the scene out. Rearrange people or objects until you get a balanced scene you like.
6. Patterns
If you look close enough, you will start to see patterns everywhere you go. Keep this in mind when looking for a great composition in shots. You can find patterns whether out in nature or in a metropolitan area. Look out for small details in objects others might not see.

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