DIY your own plant stand by following these 6 tutorials

Every room in the house can benefit from a plant or two — houseplants can help with everything from increasing oxygen levels to removing pollutants from the air.
Instead of just plunking your plants down on the counter, why not put them in nice planters and turn them into beautiful pieces of decor? These ideas are guaranteed to get you feeling inspired!
1. Openwork cube planter (h/t Vintage Revivals)
This openwork cube planter is the perfect plant stand for when you have a nice plant pot you want to put on display! The natural wood looks great, but would you want to give yours a coat of stain or paint?
2. Concrete and copper stand (h/t Camille Styles)
If you've never made anything with concrete before, this is the perfect opportunity! These plant stands are gorgeous, and you can completely customize the size of the stand and the height of the legs.
3. Three-tier plant stand (h/t Sugar and Cloth)
If you have more than one plant you want to put on display, this three-tier plant stand is an awesome idea! I love the contrast between the dark wood and the white paint.
4. Simple wire plant stand (h/t The Merry Thought)
Would you have ever guessed that this plant stand was made out of an old lampshade? Me neither! This is such a good way to upcycle an old lamp from the thrift store.
5. Vertical planter garden (h/t Helpful Homemade)
This vertical planter garden might not be practical for indoors, but it would be an amazing addition to your garden! You could almost use it to create an entire wall of flowers and dangling vines.
6. Mid-century plant stand with drainage (h/t The Sorry Girls)
This mid-century plant stand is so stylish, and I love that the tutorial teaches you how to add drainage to your plant pots! It's definitely a project that needs to go on your must-do list.

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