Grab your copper spray paint and copy these 8 gorgeous DIY ideas

We all love the look of copper, but what are you supposed to do if you don't want to invest a ton of money into expensive copper decor?
That's where copper spray paint comes in! It's inexpensive and easy to use, and it can be used to transform so many boring things into something truly beautiful.
1. Copper vanity bowls (h/t Freutcake)
You won't believe how easy these pretty copper bowls are to make! I personally love the band of white around the edge, but they'd also look great if you painted them entirely copper.
2. Copper knife block (h/t Growing Up Zee)
This is such a clever way to turn an ordinary knife block into something really special! No one will guess it's not actually made of copper unless they touch it.
3. Metallic alphabet magnets (h/t Kojo Designs)
How cute are these little metallic magnets? This would actually be a great way to give any shape of magnet a fun makeover — how about doing it with geometric shapes?
4. Faux copper table (h/t Makely)
Getting brand new copper furniture might be unrealistic, but this faux copper table looks just as good as the real thing! You could use this technique to make over any old piece of furniture from the thrift store.
5. Copper clothes hangers (h/t Poppytalk)
I don't know about you, but I always feel so much better when my closet is well-organized! Pretty clothes hangers can make such a big difference, so why not give yours a coat of copper paint?
6. Copper mailbox (h/t Sand and Sisal)
This looks like a designer mailbox, but it's really just an ordinary metal mailbox that's been given a coat of copper paint! You'll never forget to check the mail again.
7. Succulent centerpiece (h/t The Pleated Poppy)
This gorgeous centerpiece is so inexpensive to make — the pots are just regular PVC pipe with a coat of copper spray paint. It would be an awesome housewarming gift if you have a friend who loves succulents!
8. Copper bottle vases (h/t Hello! Upholstery)
These copper bottle vases are unbelievably easy to make, but they're so pretty! You're probably going to want to head to the thrift store and bring home enough old bottles to make a matching set.

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