5 super cool photography tricks that you can do while shooting in the dark

Lighting is everything when it comes to photography, but what do you do when you find yourself needing to take pictures in the dark? Improvise, of course! Here are 5 super cool photography tricks that you can do while shooting in the dark.
All you need are some equipment, materials, and your trusty camera to shoot in the dark. Get creative when it comes to finding light sources to play around with in the dark as well. Here are some tricks that you can use when shooting in the dark.
1. Magic minutes
15 minutes before the sun rises and 15 minutes after it sets is what is called the golden 15 minutes. The light balance is ideal during these times of the day. Make sure you practice getting some great shots during these times.
2. Tripod
A tripod is very handy when taking pictures in the dark. If you try to hand hold your camera, the slightest shake will blur your image, ultimately ruining the shot. A tripod will prevent camera shake during long exposures
at night.
3. Manual mode
Since shooting at night can be tricky, especially when you are starting out, use manual mode to be in control of your camera. You will need to be changing the aperture and shutter speed based on how much light you get and what you are shooting. Make sure you give yourself lots of time to practice getting the aperture and shutter speed right for your night photography shots.
4. Flashlight
A flashlight is also a great tool to use for night photography. Maybe you see a great shot to frame in the distance, but it needs some light. A flashlight is great for this and other areas to shoot where there is little to no light.
5. Cello paper and two sources of light
Place the cello paper on your two light sources. Direct the light from the cello paper on your subject from different angles and shoot away! You will get some really cool colorful light effects from this.

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