7 hacks for when you're doing a photoshoot to make your photos look epic

Many photographers want their work to stand out in one way or another. There are many great hacks to use that will draw more eyes to your photos. Here are 7 hacks for when you're doing a photoshoot to make your photos look epic.
With creativity, objects, and thinking outside the box, your photos will be able to stand out from the others. Try some or all these out and see which methods will work best for you. Check out these hacks to help your photos look epic!
1. Fairy lights
These little lights come in a variety of colors and shapes. Have your subject place these in different areas in front of her face for an ethereal effect. You can also try this in different lighting conditions, such as natural light and dim light.
2. Prism
You can buy a cheap triangular prism at a discovery store or online. Place the prism at different angles between your subject and camera. You or your subject can hold the prism to create colorful and unusual shots.
3. Rain
Take an unused frame and remove any paper from the inside. Spray the glass with water and have your subject hold the frame with his or her face on the other side. Experiment with different angles and light sources for a cool rain effect.
4. CD
Get a CD and a light source such as a flashlight to bounce the light from the CD to your subject. Hold the CD and light source toward your subject or have an assistant do it so you can focus on taking shots. Angle the CD and light in a way that shows a rainbow on your subject. Have fun taking these colorful shots.
5. Lace
Get a lace tablecloth for this unique photo effect. Have your subject hold the tablecloth in front of her face. Take shots as your subject angles her face and cloth differently to get some great shots.
6. Chandelier crystal
Place a chandelier crystal between the camera and your subject. Hold the crystal while taking photos or have an assistant do so. Angle the crystal differently with each shot to create a rainbow like effect and vintage looking shots.
7. Suncatchers
Suncatchers are another great way to play with light in your shots. Place a suncatcher directly in front of your camera, or at least between the camera and subject. Play around with different light sources and angles to get the most out of using the suncatchers to create unusual pictures.

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