How to embellish a lampshade with mirrors

Home stagers and real estate agents often recommend putting up a wall mirror in a small room. Why? A wall mirror reflects light and makes the room appear larger. This harlequin-patterned lampshade not only reflects light from other sources, but also offers a conversation piece and is artwork in its own right.
You may use any color lampshade, but a white background makes the mirrors stand out and creates a greater contrast. The lamp is small enough to fit in any room. No need to worry about flammable materials, because the mirrors are attached to a functional lampshade.
- White drum cylinder lampshade, cotton or linen
- Square 1-by-1-inch mirror pieces
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
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1. Rotate one mirror so it is diamond-shaped. Apply a dab of glue on the mirror's back. Press the diamond 1/4 inch above the bottom rim of the lampshade along the shade's side seam.
2. Glue and press another diamond above the first one, with tips touching. Continue applying mirrors along the seam in this manner until you reach the top. The final mirror should extend a little over the top rim.
3. Apply a second vertical row of mirrors parallel to the first row, with the tips touching. Continue applying mirrors in vertical, parallel rows until they cover the lampshade's circumference.
4. Apply mirrors in the diamond position between the bottom row of mirrors. Cover the triangles of lampshade exposed at the bottoms with the diamonds' top halves so the bottom halves hang off the edge of the rim.
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