6 insane tricks for doing levitation photography

There are many fun and creative ways to make photographs. Have you tried levitation photography? If not, here are 6 insane tricks for doing levitation photography.
1. Jump up
One way to achieve levitation gravity is to jump while a shot is taken. Its ideal to have an assistant taking these shots, but if not, have your camera on a tripod and set up on continuous shooting mode. The trick is to jump enough times to get a few good shots that look like you are floating.
2. Poses
You can try different poses to achieve the levitation look. If you have an assistant, have them jump in different positions. Mix up positions and props for a unique levitation scene.
3. Props
Another method to achieve levitation in photos is to use props to lie on and support other objects in the shot. You can get really creative with poses using this method. The props can be eliminated with software after the shoot.
4. Multiple shots
To achieve levitation with props, you will need to take a series of shots, some with the background, and some with the subject, before combining these during the post-processing part. Take a shot of the room or scene, then take a shot of the same surroundings with the subject lying or balancing on an object, which will later be taken out.
5. Setting up the camera
You want to get as many wide shots as possible. Use a shutter speed of 1/200 or more. Get as much light in your shot as possible by using a higher ISO. Using a tripod and assistants is also helpful with these shots.
6. Post-shoot
Photoshop plays a key role in finalizing pictures to achieve the look of levitation. You can layer the images of your scene, subject, and take out the objects supporting the subject to get your final photograph. Have fun experimenting with different ways to make your subject levitate with these methods.

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