5 tips for when you're shooting with a 50mm lens

Many cameras come with a kit lens, which is fine when you are just starting out in photography. There are a variety of lenses than can do different things though. Here are 5 tips for when you're shooting with a 50mm lens.
A 50mm lens is great for beginners since it doesn't cost much and can be used for a variety of photographs. Its small enough to move around and not weigh you down. You can quickly move and change position when needed. Here are some things to keep in mind when using a 50mm lens.
1. Choose your settings
Use a shallow depth of field to get the most from your subject and overall look of your photograph. Use a higher shutter speed once the sun sets to keep the focus and light right on your subject. Play around with the settings throughout the day to get the best shots possible.
2. Framing
50mm lens work best in large areas and for wide shots. Frame just one subject, since the lens can focus best on one object at a time. Stand a little over a foot away to get the best focus on your subject.
3. Taking shots
Keep the camera steady by using your other hand to support the lens. Use the camera's auto focus to focus in on your photograph's subject. Practice taking plenty of shots at varying angles to get the best photograph possible.
4. Experiment
Experiment with different settings, such as aperture. Use a small aperture to get beautiful bokeh shots. Have a diffuser handy when taking low light shots. Focus on something off to the side for an interesting composition. The possibilities are endless!
5. Composition
A 50mm lens gives you flexibility to move around and experiment with composition. Using a 50mm lens is great when you want to capture the background along with the subject. The background will be a little blurry, but still add to the overall look and feel of the picture.

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