6 things you should know when working with a UV filter

UV filters were popular back in the days when cameras had film. UV rays, which cannot be seen by the naked eye, caused a bluish and hazy look to photos. A UV filter supposedly eliminated the blue and haze that can show up in photos. Do they still work? here are 6 things you should know when working with a UV filter.
Even though many photographers have moved on to using digital cameras, there is an argument over whether UV filters are still useful. Keep reading to determine if you need to use one or not.
1. Glass quality
If you decide to purchase a UV filter, make sure it is one with high standard glass. You don't want a low quality filter on a high quality lens, or it will cause your images to look poor. Unnecessary reflections can also occur with low standard filters, so consider this when purchasing a UV filter.
2. Lower contrast
The contrast of the shot becomes lower with a UV filter on. If you don't want a low contrast on your shots, you can always take off the filter when using your camera, then putting it back on for safekeeping.
3. Protects glass on lens
If you damage your lens, you have to replace the entire thing, and many of these are expensive. A good amount of photographers keep a UV filter on their lens to protect their lens. If the filter gets damaged, its not a huge loss, compared to a lens.
4. No stacking
Unless you are going for a very unique look, don't stack your UV filter with other filters. Vignetting or other issues can occur. Of course, if you are wanting a vignette look, go for stacking.
5. Flaring
Some flaring in your shot may occur when using a UV lens. If this will be bothersome, don't use a UV lens. If this is something you can live with, use the lens.
6. No lens cap
Another great reason to use the filter, going along with protecting the lens, is not having to put a lens cap on every time. This helps you prevent missing candid moments to capture on camera. This is more of a preference, so if you don't mind replacing the lens cap over and over again, then you might not find a need for the UV filter.

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