6 tips to help you master HDR photography

Getting nice, colorful shots is a great way to be noticed as a photographer.
High dynamic range (HDR) photography is a popular type of photography that can be fun to create. Here are 6 tips to help you master HDR photography.
High dynamic range (HDR) photography is a great way to bring out colors in your photos and make them really stand out. Even though a lot of this can be done with software, you want to keep in mind the below tips to produce the best HDR photos possible.
1. No shake
Have a tripod ready to mount your camera on. You want the shots to come out as sharp as possible with no blur, which can be helped with a tripod. Make sure your model is still as well, since you will be combining shots into one at the end.
2. Exposure
Exposure can help you achieve HDR photography shots. Take several shots at different exposures. Ideally, you want one overexposed shot, one underexposed shot, and a normal one in between.
3. Exposure compensation
Some cameras have an exposure compensation mode, which is great when you want to achieve HDR photos. Also set the camera to continuous shooting, so you can take plenty of photographs to choose from in the end. Make sure you are taking RAW photos so that you can manipulate them if needed with software afterwards.
4. Color
HDR photos are known for being colorful, but you can also prep certain photo shoots to be HDR ready. If you are working with a model, add some colorful makeup to his or her features to bring out colors in your shots. You can also use colorful props to add a pop of color to your photos.
5. Three shots
You will be combining three photographs into one. There will be an overexposed shot, an underexposed shot, and one regular shot. These will be combined to give your final photograph a pop of HDR color. Take plenty of shots with varying exposures to pick from for your final photograph.
6. Software
Its also a great idea to invest in some post photography software to enhance your shots with HDR quality. Combine your underexposed, overexposed, and normal photos to create the final HDR one. With some practice, you will become an HDR pro photographer in no time!

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