6 mistakes that are commonly made by beginners in photography

If you have just joined the wonderful world of photography, then congratulations! You are about to embark on a wonderfully creative journey, full of ups and downs. Keep in mind these 6 mistakes that are commonly made by beginners in photography.
Photography is one of those hobbies and professions that you can read all kinds of advice on, but the best thing to do is go out there and start taking photographs. You will learn more as you go and gain experience. Try to avoid the below mistakes when first starting out in photography.
1. Shot out of focus
Its okay to use autofocus when you are just starting out, but don't depend on it. If you keep using autofocus, your camera will eventually starting focusing on the wrong parts of your shot, making the entire photograph look unbalanced. Utilize the camera's spot autofocus mode and when taking shots of people, focus on the eyes.
2. Stop the shake
A shaky camera will make for a blurry picture, a waste of what could have been a great shot. This might be due to using a shutter speed that is too slow for the picture you are trying to take. If you can, use a tripod to help ease camera shake.
3. Wrong exposure
Lighting is everything in photography, and if you get the lighting wrong in your shots, the photos will end up too bright or too dark. Keep in mind that with weather, the lighting can change. You may want to check how your shots look in the viewfinder and readjust the exposure until you like how the lighting looks in your shots.
4. Guidance
If you are including people in your shots, don't forget to tell them what to do, since they probably don't know. Keep the atmosphere light and talk to your subjects so that they feel comfortable. Direct them on what they should be doing while your taking shots and be open to suggestions from them as well.
5. Bad timing
You may be tempted to take a bunch of pictures at first, but this may not be a good idea, especially if you don't have a plan on how your shots should come out. You want to stay focused on what your photo shoot is all about and not just have a bunch of random shots because your camera is capable of taking them. Taking too many shots can add wear and tear on your camera's shutter and battery as well.
6. Post-production
Editing your photos with software can be fun, but don't overdo it where your shots look unnatural and overdone. Adding too much sharpness and saturation to photos is a common mistake that beginners make. Add or take away a little bit here and there to enhance your photos.