6 tips to follow to improve street photography

One way to get a variety of different shots is trying out street photography. You can get a bunch of scenes with different subjects this way. Here are 6 tips to follow to improve street photography.
Street photography is a great way to experiment with composition, different subjects, lighting, and more. There are so many different types of scenes you can shoot this way. Keep the below tips in mind when going out for the day for street photography.
1. Focal length
Use the same focal length to quickly take shots as you pass them by. You don't want to be fiddling with your camera or you might miss something. As a beginner, keep your focal length at 35mm or 50mm with a zoom lens.
2. Personal space
Don't just start taking shots of someone out of the blue. This is an invasion of privacy and you may get an unpleasant response in return. Kindly ask permission before taking shots of anyone you pass by on the street.
3. Less is more
Since you'll be walking around, taking shots at a moment's notice, you don't want extra gear to wear you down. Just take the essentials with you when shooting street photography. These should include a small bag or backpack with your camera and one or two lenses. You will find the experience much more enjoyable with less.
4. Take lots of photos
Just like with any other photo shoot, take as many photos as possible. You may come out with some bad photos, but you might end up with unusual and candid photos that are unique that you wouldn't have caught any other way. This is a great way to see where you need to improve with your composition, lighting, etc.
5. Location, location
Don't just stick to one area to photography. Explore the city you are in by taking shots in different areas. You never know what types of new scenes you will find if you don't go looking for them.
6. Edit shots
Software is a great way to enhance your street shots. You can add more color, take out grainy areas, and more. Edit your shots in a way that makes them stand out, but stays true to the originals. Experiment and have fun editing your street photography shots.

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