Plastic toys aren't just for playing. Check out these cool DIYs

Little plastic animals are such a staple toy, every child has either owned or played with a least one. From zoo to farm animals, these little guys are cheap and can be found in many stores, so they make the perfect material for some quirky DIY projects.
These projects can add some fun or playfulness to any space in your home, so give a nod to your childhood and give them a try.
These magnets are both adorable and easy. The animals are painted in pastel colors, so they end up being fun without being over the top. If being understated isn't your thing, however, paint the magnets in bold tones to give the fridge some pops of color.
Key holder
Who knew plastic animals could look so chic? With a simple gold paint job, these animals are transformed into the perfect place to hang keys. This DIY project adds some functionality as well as personality to the entryway. ​
Picture holder
Instant cameras are all the rage, but the unique size of their photos can make them hard to display in typical frames. For a more playful way to display instant pictures, check out this DIY project. You can paint all the animal photo holders the same color for a more cohesive look, or opt for different colors on each, as shown in the video.
Mason jar lids
This DIY project dresses up average mason jars. Perfect for storing little things, these jars are ideal for desk or bathroom decor. Although the gold accents give the jar some pops of glam, opt for a monochromatic look if you want the jars to look more understated.
Decorative geometric shapes with straws
These geometric shapes are incredibly chic, perfect for any room that needs a sleek and modern touch. Prop tip: When painting the shapes, be sure to paint all sides, including underneath the elastic. You may have to hang the shapes in different ways to be able to fully coat them.
This DIY project blends rustic and glam. The addition of the decorative tacks on the corners of each bookend really polishes off the overall look. Pro tip: If you are having trouble getting the tacks to stick into the wood, use a rubber mallet to help you tap them in.
Upgrade old rocks into a candle holder
If plastic animals don't speak to you, try this project instead. Everyone needs some extra "zen" in their life, and these candles are a creative way to help achieve it. With their spa-like look, these candles are ideal for any room that needs some added tranquillity.
Upgrade a pot into a cupcake stand
You can paint the following project to complement any holiday. This is a really fun way to display cupcakes in the most festive way.
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