Forget drinking with a straw. Check out these 5+ cool straw DIY ideas instead

When you think of DIY supplies, many things probably come to mind: spray paint, power tools and fabric. But what about using more unconventional items? Although straws may make you think of drinks accompanied by little umbrellas, they can actually be used to make some awesome DIY projects.
From fashion accessories to decor from your home, straws are a very useful material to add to a DIY toolkit. Check out the five projects below to get started.
Decorative geometric shapes
These geometric shapes are incredibly chic, perfect for any room that needs a sleek and modern touch. Prop tip: When painting the shapes, be sure to paint all sides, including underneath the elastic. You may have to hang the shapes in different ways to be able to fully coat them.
Flowers made with drinking straws
These DIY flowers are so sweet and adorable, and an entertaining craft to make with kids. You can customize every part of these straw flowers, including the bead, the type of leaf and the color of the straws. Pro tip: Want the flowers to be a specific color? Spray paint straws instead of endlessly searching for straws in that specific color.
Straw sunburst frame
This sunburst frame add an art deco decor feel to your home. This DIY project helps achieve a retro look on a little budget. Plus, this project shows you a neat way to make a paperclip into a hook so you don't even have to purchase expensive picture-hanging hardware.
Woven headband
Although weaving may seem tedious, it is actually an incredibly relaxing activity. With this DIY project you get to relax and end up with a cute hair accessory. If the stripes are too bold for your taste, switch out the multicolored yarn for a solid colored yarn.
Make stylish bracelets to match your popsicle stick earrings. Nobody will guess you crafted such cute accessories from craft sticks.
Deconstructed mirror from a broken mirror
This pretty deconstructed mirror is a blend of rustic and modern. Who would have thought that you could use a broken mirror for a beautiful wall decoration? The best part? This project cannot be any more simple. Check out the video to see how you can create this mirror.
Distressed farmhouse tray
The project featured in the video below turns a boring set of brown tables into unique modern, country pieces. You'll need to sand down the surface of these tables before repainting and decorating. Don't be afraid to personalize them with your favorite quotes.
Straw necklace
Statement necklaces add interest to a simple outfit, but they can get pretty pricey. This cool, tribal straw necklace allows you to accessorize without spending too much money. Bonus? This necklace is super lightweight, unlike the statement necklaces found in stores.
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