6 tips for when you're working with a long lens

Investing in a long lens is great when you want a close up shot of something far away. It can take some getting use to if you haven't handled a long lens before. Here are 6 tips for when you're working with a long lens.
Wildlife shots are doable with a long lens since you can get great shots by zooming in. You can also use a long lens when shooting subjects from far that you don't or can't get close to. Keep these tips in mind next time you use a long lens.
1. Tripod
If you can, take a tripod with you to use for a long lens photo shoot. You will find that your arms will tire quickly from handling the long lens. Monopods also work great to rest the camera and lens while shooting.
2. Shutter speed
Make sure you are using the right shutter speed for your focal length. Follow the 1/focal length rule. Use a focal length of 1/100 or more if zoomed to 100mm, for example. Once you go over 250mm, the focal length can be much longer.
3. Image stabilization
Use the right stabilization mode to get your shots as sharp as possible. Use mode 1 for general photography. Mode 2 is panning mode, where you will be moving the lens while taking a photograph. Know which one you will be using to plan out your day and help the shoot go smoothly.
4. Larger f-stop
An aperture that is completely open is done most often with a long lens. If you are taking a sports shot, then you definitely want to use the lowest f-stop to keep the background blurred. In wildlife photography, it counts on how long the animal is, since you want the entire animal in focus. You will want to make the f-stop larger to sharpen the animal in the shot.
5. ISO
Sports photography and wildlife photography use different types of ISOs to get the best shots. Sports photographers use high ISOs to get clear and crisp shots. Wildlife can be shot with high ISOs as well, as long as the animal is moving. Once it stops, lower the ISO to get a sharper image.
6. Practice
A long lens takes some practice getting use to. The lens is longer and therefore heavier to carry around. Make sure to take plenty of practice shots to get beautifully clear pictures of wildlife or sports activities.

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